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Meet Our Founder

Our story began with the dream of Deborah Morris, the current CEO.


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Sherell Ra Sha Inc, Iowa’s premiere fashion, entertainment and publishing company, is an African American Veteran and woman owned Iowa Corporation offering consignment and a multiplicity of services for you. It  is the umbrella of four interlocking visions: House of Sherell, Ra Sha Publications, Ra Sha Records, and CoSign.

The company is rooted and grounded in the heart of family. While our largest department is an up and coming fashion powerhouse, we also operate in the publishing and education industries.

Our Mission

Through our main and subsidiary entities, we aim for nothing less than success. Our mission is:

  • To set trends in high-end fashion and accessories
  • To create, develop, and deliver poignant publications relevant to the fashion community
  • To provide men and women with a department store style boutique that offers an approachable, yet upscale environment
  • To showcase impeccably constructed, high-end fashions and services to meet the needs and satisfy the distinct tastes of the fashion world
  • To offer a variety of high-end fashion accessories
  • To educate men and women about apparel styles and accessories that complement their personalities and elevate their image
  • To impart knowledge and expertise in the industries wherein we thrive
  • To generate buzz and sales through excellent, exclusive services
  • To offer a training environment for developing fashion designers

Our Vision

Our passion for fashion and philanthropy comes with a vision of helping families recover from poverty and natural disaster. With the support of partners and volunteers, we will host some of the most exciting events in the Des Moines area and make a positive difference in our community.

Through its commercial quadrants, Sherell Ra Sha Inc will provide services in-store and online such as Style Concierges trained in the image industry, Personal Style Assessments, custom tailoring and alterations, apparel and accessory design, personal shopping, special ordering, product consignment, exclusive retail avenues, print and digital publishing, workshops and training for small business owners in the fashion industry, internships for fashion students, author and artist management, marketing and promotion, and web and image design.


House of Sherell, the premiere Iowa fashion house, will manage the operations of Sherell Ra Sha’s fashion design enterprise and pioneer a path to put Iowa on the fashion map. From showcase to runway and news to reviews, the House of Sherell will be the standout leader of the Iowa fashion moguls. It will specialize in high-end, custom-tailored, convertible (day-to-night) apparel and accessories.

Ra Sha Publications will manage the operations of Sherell Ra Sha Inc’s print and digital publishing and marketing visions, including a print and online magazine promoting the works of all Sherell Ra Sha departments, and a bookstore featuring authors managed by Ra Sha Publications. This department will specialize in development and promotion of Iowa Authors. Check our premiere fashion magazine, Haute Midwest – The Midwest Fashion Experience.

Haute Midwest Magazine

Ra Sha Records will manage the operations of Sherell Ra Sha Inc’s music recording, publishing, and promotion visions, including artist management specializing in discovering and developing Iowa talent.

CoSign will manage and advance Sherell Ra Sha’s consignment and retail service department, tailored to the small business owner, providing opportunities for new artists, designers, and other producing professionals to reach a broader market through our growing network.

Our Story

Our story began with the dream of Deborah Morris, the current CEO. From the age of six, Mrs. Morris carried the dream of launching a fashion mogul. In 2007, she founded Sherell Ra Sha Inc, a consignment and service company with a vision of helping families recover from poverty and natural disaster. This leap secured the fact of faith in her vision.

The business saw its first major progress when Mrs. Morris enrolled in a fashion design program at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) in the Fall of 2011, leading to development of the first fashion show, held at the Iowa Culinary Institute “ici” Bistro on the DMACC campus.

Today, the company is family owned and operated with one mind for the future: nothing less than success. Our endeavors showcase the unity and talents at our core. Together, we are pioneering a path to put Iowa on the fashion map. From showcase to runway and news to reviews, Sherell Ra Sha Inc is working it.

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